Further Information on Online Therapy


Online Therapy Online therapy is a recent phenomena. Online Therapy is preferred by those who want right-now response from the therapist. Online therapy may serve online terapi as a bridge to overcoming these barriers for those who may be deaf, ill, live in remote areas with few resources, are afraid of the “stigma”, or otherwise unable to access traditional mental health services.


Many people prefer etherapy to prevent having a mental health record with insurance companies. Other times, people need some assistance in understanding why they have low self-esteem or why they repeat negative patterns of behaviour in relationships, or why they can’t break unhealthy habits. Today their are several ways to get mental health services without ever leaving your home. Online therapy ranges from newsgroups where either mental health consumers or consumers and therapists interact.


Some people told us that it would be much easier for them to explain their problems (especially sexual ones) over the phone from the privacy of their home, car or office, at least initially”Phone Therapy is available at the Center of Revitalizing Psychiatryposted by vIgrushka | 9: 35 AM | 0 comments Phone psychotherapy and care management for patients on antidepressants. Psychotherapy, for decades a face to face process, is now becoming an interface to interface process. A little bit of psychotherapy on the phone can be a powerful addition to antidepressants for reducing the symptoms of depression, new research shows. E-mail therapy is also known as e-therapy, online therapy, online counseling, cyber counseling, cyber therapy, psychotherapy online, internet therapy, internet counseling, virtual counseling, e-counseling, or, as it spelled in some countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand: e-counselling.

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