Your Golf Mental Game Thoughts Control Your Physical Game and How Good You Play

A really funny and amazing thing happened to me on the way to work this morning!

Images in your mind control what you do and you can either control those images yourself or be nerve control 911 controlled by them. What goes on in the mind comes out in the muscle.

I had been awake since 6:30am and working on some ideas for a new Master Class seminar that I want to offer my clients on how to control nerves when playing golf. Two hours later I was getting ready to leave for work at my golf shop and the whole seminar experience is still buzzing around in my mind, like a swarm of happy, excited bees, ideas flying around all over the place. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I get in the car and set off for my shop, STILL THINKING about you know what. Now I am sure you have had the experience of happily driving along while actually being miles away in your head with other thoughts. Yes, a self imposed hypnotic trance state while you drive the car without thinking. Have you ever arrived at a destination and thought something like; “I don’t really remember the drive!” Or have you happily gone fizzing past your turnoff because you are so deep in hypnotic thoughts? (DEEP Daydreaming State)

So that’s me, driving along in Trance Daydreaming State thinking about my Master class Seminar on Nerve Control and I am imagining myself at my golf course working with about 20 golfers. Now think about this for yourself. If you are thinking about being at your golf course doing something then there are images of you and/or your golf course going through your mind right?

Guess what happens next? Suddenly I get Popped right out of my Trance Day Dreaming by my mind saying, “Hey, buddy, you’re on your way to the golf course!”

Yes, I had actually turned off the road to my work and started heading off to the golf course without “thinking” consciously about it. There I was making images of my golf course and hey presto my unconscious took it to be a command and sent me there on auto pilot.

You know if you think about fluffing a chip shot into a bunker between you and the green, invariably you fluff it straight in there and then exclaim; “I knew I was going to do that!” If you are really nervous about yipping a 3 ft putt to win, you probably will. Stood on a tee worrying about slicing it out of bounds will all too often result in you slicing it out of bounds.

So there I was, driving along marvelling and chuckling at my loss of control over my outcome because I was making the wrong images in my mind. I did not want to go to the golf course, I wanted to go to work but I was thinking about the golf course. I got what I did not want because my focus was on the wrong thing for what I was trying to achieve this morning. I wasn’t trying to go to the golf course to hold a seminar I was trying to go to my shop!

What you think about and focus on, you get more of even if it is not what you want. Think about what you want to happen and never think about what you don’t want!

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